Some friends are wolves in Sheep clothing, they are simply fake friends or frenemy (friendly enemy) wolves who disguise as sheeps; just so that they can easily launch attack when they deem fit. When you have such friends, know that your life is prone to danger, and you are advised to run! run!! run!!!

But come to think of it, how do one identify such fake friends or ‘frenemies’? Below are the key ways to spot out your friends who are fake.

They disagree with almost everything about you and what you say or belief

It is common for some people to have different beliefs and way of thinking. But when it becomes so obvious that such person disagrees with almost everything about you, you may need to distance yourself from such person.

They never forgive and forget

People make mistakes and to have a long lasting friendship, we need to be able to sincerely forgive and forget. But that is not the case for fake friends. Because they do not have a real emotional connection with you, they always feel superior and they do not care if you are hurt along the way. They point out your mistakes all the time, and they sometimes use that little mistakes against you in the future. And when you eventually offend them in any little way, they hold it against you for ever.

They do not support you

Ever have friends that do not support your vision? It will be helpful to know that they were never your friends at the first place. It makes you feel happy when you have a friend that constantly supports you. They praise your hardwork and make your anxiety smaller when facing new challenges. Fake friends will not do all these. They will instead make you question your own strength.

They only come to you when they need you

Good friends should be there through good and bad, every time possible. This is because friendship is build through time and effort. However, signs that your friend is fake they only come to you when they need you. Maybe when they have no friends or they want you to do something. They call you up only when they need your help.

They are self centered & only care about themselves

You know they are fake friends if the friendship feels like a one way relationship. A fake friend will not care about your needs or to listen to them. Every conversation you have with them will only be about them and their problems. This is an obvious signs of a fake friend. Even if you talk about your problem, they will cut through the conversation and navigate it back to their problem.

They talk bad things about you behind your back

The most hurtful thing is to be talked badly behind your back by the person you trust the most. A fake friend will do this because they do not feel any connection with you and do not care about your feelings. Beside talking about you in a negative way behind your back, they also will never defend you or your actions.

Haven gone through this straight to the point yardsticks, you can easily spot out your fake friends and also sincerely verify, if you are a fake friend to someone as well.

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