LANRE’S MEMOIR (Episode 1)

Episode 1.

Lanre is my name. My family and I live in a room whereas my father is a local farmer and my mother a petty trader. Due to the fact that my parent had no money to sponsor my two elder brothers and me to school, both of my brothers had to step down for me after they finished their primary education while I continued with mine. I finished my primary education as one of the best students in my class.

I gained admission into a secondary while my family work so hard to finance my education. I was a very calm, brilliant and intelligent boy. I did my JSS classes without a problem and graduated to the SSS.  Now am in SS2, I believe am mature to associate with girls which I  have not been doing earlier. All my friends then in secondary school have 2 to 3 girlfriends but I  have none because

I’ve always focused on my studies. I had four friends then, two of them were corrupt because of how their poor parental responsibilities toward them, and the remaining two were intelligent. My corrupt friends kept on persuading me to have a girlfriend but I refused. So one day I went to Leo’s house to visit him. Leo is one of my intelligent friends.

His mum is late and his father is a policeman, so his father is not always in the house so he does as he pleases. When I  got to their compound and I saw no one, I entered straight to his room as usual, on getting to his door, I  had some moaning inside his room.
Me: (soliloquizing) who is he with? Is he fucking a girl or what? No, he can’t because he doesn’t have a girlfriend. The moan was too much so I decided to find out what was happening.
I  knocked on the door. But no none answered so I opened the door because it was not locked and saw Leo and our female classmate called Laide. I was amazed and my mouth was widely opened. I was looking at both of them as they lied on the bed unclad and Laide was shy.

Me: I can’t believe my eyes. Leo what am I  seeing?.

Leo: Lanre forget that thing. Body no be firewood now. Work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Me: Leo I  trust you so much and even you Laide. She was mute. Chai!, so this is what the both of you have been doing.

Laide: No, today is my first time of involving myself in this act.

Me: so all the form wey you dey form for class na f9.

Laide: please don’t tell anybody.

Me: about what?
Laide: about what you’ve seen here please.

Me: says by who?

Laide: please I will do anything for this to be a secret. I looked at her pussy and I had an erection instantly and she noticed.

Laide: do you like it?

Leo: what?

Laide: am not talking to you.
Me: like what? I asked pretending.

Laide: common Lanre, I know you like it. Stop pretending. Leo was looking at both the both of us.  “ You can have me if you don’t mind.” She said.

To be continued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!