My Life as a Sex Maniac

Episode 23

I never thought  Mrs  Tinuke and I would ever stop our love story until our illicit affair boomeranged. I was already obsessed with her, not for anything but the fact that she always satisfies me to any length when it comes to sex. I can say she’s a woman specially made for sex.

My relationship with Doyin was already in jeopardy because I no longer derive any satisfaction from her anymore. I find her boring in the bed because she doesn’t play dirty like Mrs Tinuke with me and she has a weak fucking strength.

Mrs Tinuke, on the other hand, has been complaining about her spouse. She complains that her husband isn’t strong in bed and that the man ingests too many sugary things which leaves him with a weak and premature ejaculation.

Since we both share the same point of view about our partners, we decided we are good together to any length. My obsession with her made me blind to the extent that I never knew Doyin was already suspicious and has being underseeing our affair.

It was on a Friday evening, Doyin has travelled home like she said and Mrs Tinuke’s husband has gone for a business seminar as usual- he was always not around during weekends so we both have this weekend to ourselves.

Actually, she wanted us to lodge in a hotel but I disagreed and if I had bought the idea, it would have been better. I told her we should make use of her house since no one except her is around. She felt reluctant at first but later agreed.

I got to her place late in the evening. I called her line to inform her I’m at the gate. She came out of her house to the gate and opened it

“Wowwwwwwwww……………………………..” I exclaimed with my mouth widely opened as I stepped into her big and beautiful compound.

“ you have a big compound and a beautiful landscape. I love your collection of flowers and the colour of the paints on your walls.” I remarked.

”Thanks. But you’ve not seen anything yet. Do come in.” She held my hand and took me in.

As we were entering the sitting room, I could feel the cold breeze manufactured by the two air-conditioners in her sitting room. I looked around her sitting room and felt like a village boy brought from his village to the city.

“ What should I call this place?” I asked clapping my hands.


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